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Cluster & Compact Lights Range

Although not the most well-known Christmas lights, traditionally, cluster Christmas lights (also known as compact lights) are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the magical feel they create through their clustering together. Equally suited both indoor and outdoor settings, cluster Christmas lights can give that little special extra that takes your Christmas celebrations from good, to truly memorable.

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Our Cluster Christmas Lights

Sefton Meadows offers both cluster Christmas lights with and without a timer, and offers them in quantities of up to 2,000 lights! These lights can be wrapped around trees, around items in the home such as bannisters and curtain rails, as well as outside along fences and ornaments throughout the garden. Garland-like in appearance, these lights make an understated, but unmistakable impression, wherever you put them in your home or garden. We also offer what are known as chaser cluster Christmas lights, which come with an incredible eight separate lighting effects. Our cluster lights come in a wide range of colours and lengths, too, including warm white, ice white and multi-coloured options.

Flexible Payment Options

We give you a variety of ways you can pay; you can either pay immediately, and make the most of our free UK shipping on orders over £49.99, or if you want to pay at a later date, you can do that too! With our Buy Now, Pay Later option, you can spread your payments over a number of instalments, without having to pay anything at the time of initial purchase. What’s more, our cluster Christmas lights are competitively priced to begin with, and we very often have additional discount offers on top of that, too!