Novelty Lights

Novelty Lights Range

Some people like simple, traditional lights, whereas some people like lights that are a bit more…fun. Novelty lights provide fun, jollity and ladles of festive spirit, to go along with it! At Sefton Meadows, we offer a wide collection of novelty lights, all for great value. So, if you’re looking for something a little different for your Christmas lights this year, then why not try out our novelty Christmas lights?

A Variety of Fun Designs

Our novelty Christmas lights offer a fun twist on a classic tradition, and are especially well-suited to families with younger children. After all, more than anything else, Christmas is about having fun, and there’s no reason why your lights shouldn’t be included as part of that. Robins, stars, snowmen, lanterns and pine cones are just some of the novelty Christmas lights we offer at Sefton Meadows. One thing that unites them all? They’ll all put great big, beaming grins on the faces of everyone you know, and even of those you don’t!

To Be Used Both Indoors and Out

The best Christmas lights are those that can be used both inside, and outdoors. Our novelty Christmas lights offer exactly that flexibility. You can either adorn your home’s interior with them - a different novelty light for each different room is always a nice touch - or you can take them outside with every confidence that they’ll work just as well. They’re safe, with most of our novelty Christmas lights coming with low voltage transformers, they’ll also look great, too - both close-up and from far away! Not only that, but because most of these lights are composed of battery-powered LEDs, so it doesn’t even matter if you’ve not got a power supply nearby.