Blossom & Novelty Trees

Blossom & Novelty Trees Range

Whereas historically, people were looking for traditional Christmas trees and nothing else, these days, consumers are increasingly looking to purchase a Christmas tree with a twist - a more modern alternative. That’s where our novelty, artificial blossom trees come to the fore. Providing a modern take on classic tradition, these trees are perfect for sleek, minimalist homes.

A Wide Range of Trees

So, you’ve decided that you want to ‘branch’ out from a traditional Christmas tree, this year, but you don’t know what to get, instead. Fortunately for you, we stock a wide range of novelty and artificial blossom trees, meaning you’re bound to find one perfectly suited to your space at home. From a take on the cherry blossom tree, packed with gorgeous, glowing warm white LED lights, all the way through to a sparse - though no less beautiful - birch tree design, these Christmas trees still evoke the Christmas spirit, even without the dense boughs and branches of a fir. For the ultra minimalist shopper, we even stock what are known as ‘cone’ Christmas trees, complete with red, green and blue LED lights, as standard.

To Be Used, Again and Again

The high-quality manufacturing and sustainable LED lighting options make our artificial blossom trees the perfect option for those consumers wanting to look to future Christmases, and not just this year’s. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED are more sustainable, last longer and provide a truly atmospheric glow to any household. The fact that these trees are artificial means they can be used again and again, year after year, without fear of its quality degrading over time. What’s more, you can get this timeless value alongside free shipping on UK orders over the cost of £49.99.