Garden Ornaments

Add shape and interest to your garden, patio or terrace with a stunning piece from our garden ornaments collection. Go magical with our fairy ornaments or keep it natural with stone garden ornaments that blend beautifully into their surroundings. Whether garden characters or birdbaths are your thing, we have all you need to dress your garden beautifully.

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Outdoor Ornaments for Your Garden

How you design and style your garden is personal, reflecting the colours, shapes, and textures that bring you joy every time you go out and spend time in your favourite place. Adding outdoor garden ornaments can also be a nod to your signature garden design style.

We stock a beautiful selection of outdoor ornaments that will add interest and fun to your patio or outdoor space, making it a stunning place to sit, relax and enjoy the garden scene. From the ethereal, with our whimsical fairy garden ornaments to architectural styles, we have a premium collection of stone garden ornaments to blend into your garden, which will beautifully weather over time.

All our ornaments are selected for durability and quality as well as premium designs, bringing you a cost-effective way to style up your outdoor space for a beautiful garden design look.

Outdoor Garden Ornaments in A Range of Styles

Whether you like kitsch & cute or prefer something more contemporary, our range of garden accessories and ornaments caters for all tastes and styles. With over 14 years of experience in garden furniture and outdoor accessories, we also offer a fuss-free service, including fast ordering and delivery.

Order your new garden ornaments before 12 pm, and you can qualify for next day or priority delivery! Learn more here.

Garden Ornament FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about garden ornaments.

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How to secure garden ornaments

If you’re worried about larger garden ornaments being blown over in the wind, you can secure them with a land anchor or metal stake. Hammer this into the ground directly behind the ornament and use a sturdy chain or rope to attach the ornament to it.

Where should garden ornaments be placed?

Garden ornaments should be placed wherever they look best, out of the way of footpaths and high traffic areas.

How do I protect my garden ornaments from weather?

Garden ornaments should be weatherproof, but you can make them even more durable by applying an extra later or protection with a product like car wax. Apply to a hidden surface first to make sure it doesn’t damage the ornament.

What kind of paint do you use on garden ornaments?

Water based acrylic latex paints are the best choice for painting garden ornaments if you want to give them a bit of colour or retouch faded features.