Outdoor Garden Lights

Shed some light on your outdoor space with our practical and decorative selection of outdoor garden lights. Whether you are looking for lighting to illuminate pathways, gateways, patios or want to use outdoor lighting for a creative effect, we have all you need to put your garden in the spotlight.

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Illuminate Your Garden with Outdoor Lighting

Our wide range of outside garden lights is the ideal way to illuminate your garden, with a selection of solar-powered and LED garden lights to choose between.

Focusing light on your garden path or darker patio spaces is a good security measure, and with our outdoor garden lights range, they can also look beautiful. We have a range of outdoor garden lights with sensors or fixed lights you can set on a timer so that you know your outdoor space will be safely lit when you need it. You can also choose the extra LED bulbs from our outdoor lighting accessories range.

We also have stunning decorative outdoor garden lights for a more creative spin, which put a whole new view on your garden at night. Our fairy dwellings lighting range are simply stunning when used to light up a patio or seating area for night-time entertaining, and the kids will love them!

Order Your Outside Garden Lights

Outdoor lighting creates mood and atmosphere in your garden after dark and can also help keep you safe by illuminating paths and driveways. All our outdoor garden lights offer superior illumination, and with our 14 years’ garden retail experience, we can offer the best prices as well as fast and fuss-free service.

So, get ready to light up your garden and order your new outdoor lights today from Sefton Meadows. Place your order before 12 pm and you have the option of next day or priority delivery. Learn more on our Delivery & Returns information page.

Outdoor Lighting FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about outdoor lighting.

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How do you illuminate a backyard?

You can easily illuminate a back yard with a mixture of outdoor lighting, including:

  • String lights
  • Stake lights
  • Wall lights
  • Torches

Choosing solar powered options is a great way to light your space in an eco-conscious wat.

What colour garden lights are best?

White lights and softer yellow lights are the best colours for garden lights that will be up all year round. Switch them out for brighter, colourful outdoor Christmas lights later in the year.

Which outdoor lights are best for a garden?

LED, solar powered lights are the best options for outdoor lights.

How to install outdoor garden lights?

If you want to install proper, permanent outdoor lighting, you should enlist the help of an electrician who will help you to secure an outdoor power supply.