Lawn & Plant Care Products

The plant care products we use in our outdoor space can make the world of difference to the results we achieve. From garden compost to gardening tools, the equipment we use in our gardens can help plants and grasses to grow stronger and healthier. So, browse our top quality plant & lawn care products to keep your garden looking its best.

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Encourage Healthy Growth with Plant & Lawn Feed

Keeping your garden looking healthy requires a lot of tender loving care. Whether you’re cultivating a flower garden or a vegetable patch, a lawn for beauty or trees for privacy, you need the right lawn & plant care products to see success. Our range of plant and lawn care products can cater to this, with quality lawn and plant feed to encourage healthy growth.

As well as quality plant feed, you can find a range of other garden necessities for your lawn and plants. We have pots and planters to satisfy the needs of any plant, compost for all situations, pest and mould removal and anything else you could think of for tending to your lawn and plants! So, browse our range of lawn & plant care products to find the solution to any problem you may encounter in your garden.

Ordering Lawn Care Products Online Is Easy with Sefton Meadows

Ordering your garden necessities with us is easy. We have a varied range of garden furniture and accessories created with our many years’ experience of selling garden furniture in mind, so we’re confident you’ll find everything you need. Don’t forget to check our Delivery & Returns page to help choose the best delivery option for your schedule.

Lawn & Plant Care FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about lawn & plant care.

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How can I improve my neglected lawn?

A neglected lawn isn’t the end of the world. Here’s how to improve your neglected lawn in five steps:

  1. Remove any winter weeds, dead blades of grass, fungi and moss that may have built up over winter.
  2. Sow fresh grass seed over sparse areas, or your whole lawn if necessary. Start by watering your lawn well before sowing new seeds, then don’t water again until shoots begin coming through.
  3. Mow your lawn regularly once the grass seedlings are established. Ideally, for thick growth, you should mow your lawn once a fortnight in spring, moving up to once a week in summer.
  4. Regularly feed your lawn with feed designed specifically for lawns. Ensure that your lawn is weed and moss free before applying lawn feed.
  5. Aerate your lawn once in late spring and once in early autumn to ease compaction and allow good nutrients to reach the roots of the grass seed. 

What is plant care?

Plant care is the act of nurturing and caring for plants for them to grow strong and healthy. Activities involved in plant care include sowing seeds at the correct depth, watering the seeds and giving them plenty of light, warmth and nutrients to help them grow into beautiful plants. Plant care can refer to plants grown either indoors or outdoors.

What do I need for plant care?

For successful plant care, you will need the right high-quality tools and equipment. Some of the common equipment gardeners use for plant care include:

  • Spade
  • Trowel
  • Watering can
  • Pots
  • Planters
  • Plant labels
  • Seed trays
  • Potting soil
  • Compost
  • Weed killer
  • Pest control solutions