Garden Compost

Compost is beneficial in any garden. It’s nutrient-rich contents is perfect for multiple uses around the garden and, no matter what you need it for, our garden compost range will have something for you. With a selection of sizes and types, you’ll be sure to find all the garden compost you need for your outdoor space with Sefton Meadows.

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High-Quality Compost for Gardens

We understand that gardening is a fun, rewarding hobby that relies on the gardening tools and equipment that you use. So, our range of garden compost is only the highest quality. You can find several big names at competitive prices to ensure your garden gets the best treatment at great value for money.  With a variety of compost types from Miracle-Gro, unique choice from Westland and aquatic compost solutions from Vitax, our garden compost range has everything you need.

As well as compost that encourages your outdoor plants to grow healthy and strong, we also have potting on compost options for balcony gardens and house plants. No matter your garden type, we have the right compost for you to flex your green fingers with! And, as if that wasn’t enough, you can also find a selection of weedkiller options here for a lawn as clear and healthy as your flower beds.

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Garden Compost FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about garden composts.

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How to compost garden waste at home?

To compost your garden waste, you must first choose a suitable site to start your compost heap. You must choose a space that will not be subjected to extreme temperatures or moisture, as the micro-organisms necessary for compost must have constant conditions. If you are using a compost bin, ensure it has a stable surface to sit on.

You can now start composting your garden waste. Ideally, your compost heap should have at least 25% of green materials to, such as grass clippings and annual weeds, to feed the micro-organisms, but no more than 50%. Other common composting materials you can add include shredded hedge trimmings, woodchips, and straw. Once you have started your compost heap you should turn it regularly to ensure it remains aerated.

What are the 3 types of compost?

The three types of compost are aerobic, anaerobic and vermicomposting. Aerobic composting introduces air to the compost mix to enable it to break down materials quickly. On the other hand, anaerobic composting is a low-effort option that involves collecting scraps of waste in a common compost heap. Finally, vermicomposting adds worms alongside moisture and oxygen to break down organic materials with little odour.

Can I put compost directly in my garden?

Yes, you can put compost directly in your garden - and it’s rather beneficial to do so. Burying your compost directly in your garden beds reduces the time and energy you need to spend on composting. Or you can apply your compost directly to the ground for results that are just as good.