Gardening Tools and Equipment

Discover premium garden tools and equipment at Sefton Meadows. Enhance plant and lawn care with our top-quality range, including rakes, shears, spades, and more. Achieve a beautiful, well-maintained garden effortlessly. Browse durable, reliable products for gardeners of all skill levels. Upgrade your gardening game today!

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Work With Our Gardening Tools

The art of keeping a beautiful garden lies in the garden equipment you use to tend to it. To achieve your garden dreams, you need the highest quality gardening tools and equipment. And that’s what you’ve found! To benefit you and your garden, we’ve put together a collection of the finest garden equipment and tools we know you’ll need. From soil thermometers to trimmer line, secateurs to shears, sprinklers to pools, fungus control to pest killer, we have it all right here!

Not only do we have the highest quality gardening tools, but we’ve also included many top brands to ensure you get the best value for your money. With names like Spear & Jackson and FloPro, you can rest easy when ordering from our selection of garden equipment. No matter the job, we have the ideal tools to ensure that you can get it done. You can plant up your garden seeds and bulbs with our planters, dig out annoying weeds with our weeders, and maintain your garden with our watering cans and sprinklers. Browse our gardening tools today – you won’t be disappointed!

Order Your New Gardening Equipment with Us

We offer several delivery options on all of our garden products. Our standard delivery takes a maximum of five working days, so you can have your garden accessories with you in less than a week! Or, if you order before 12pm, you can choose priority or next day delivery for an even speedier service. So, order with us today for quick, quality service!

Garden Tools & Equipment FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about garden tools & equipment.

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How to clean garden tools?

You should always clean your garden tools before storing them. Doing so will prevent rust build up, corrosion, and other damage.

  1. Scrub your tools down with a stiff bristled brush, removing any soil and dirt build-up. Use a small brush (a toothbrush will do) to get any dirt in nooks, crannies, and around joints and screws.
  2. Dry them thoroughly with a towel and leave to air dry further before storing.

When using tools to trim or cut plants, spray them lightly with rubbing alcohol to sterilize them.

How to organise garden tools?

Organise garden tools by investing in purpose-built storage, like a spacious storage box.

What garden tools are most useful?

Every gardener should have a shovel, trowel, fork, a watering can and hose, a hoe or rake, and a good pair of shears or secateurs.

What equipment do you need for a garden?

There are dozens of pieces of equipment you could buy for your garden, but the basic bits of kit you’d be lost without include:

  • Basic garden tools – trowel, form, shovel, secateurs
  • A watering can and a hose
  • A wheelbarrow if you have a larger space
  • A lawnmower and strimmer if you have a grassy area