Garden Seeds & Bulbs

As the new gardening year begins, it’s time to stock up on garden seeds and bulbs to plant out. Whether you are getting started with spring garden bulbs or planting a selection of summer seeds, Sefton Meadows has the selection you need to create a thriving, plentiful outdoor space.

Browse our garden seed range online today or visit Sefton Meadows garden centre.

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A range of flower, fruit and vegetable garden seeds

We have a range of flower, vegetable and fruit seeds that are of excellent quality and available at fantastic prices. No matter the season, we are certain to have all the seeds you’ll ever need. We also carry a selection of hardy garden bulbs that are perfect for any domestic garden.

Create a colourful floral landscape or get ready for a thriving, bountiful harvest - whether you are planting in a greenhouse, allotment, flower bed or pots & planters, our garden seeds and bulbs will thrive with the right care.

Order your garden bulbs & seeds today

Sourcing the right garden bulbs and seeds has never been easier. With Sefton Meadows, you can order everything you want directly from our website for delivery straight to your door. Choose from dozens of plant varieties and take advantage of our fantastic buy now pay later option with Klarna. Learn more about our delivery procedures on our Delivery & Returns page.

If you prefer to buy your seeds in person, feel free to visit the Sefton Meadows garden centre, where you will be guaranteed the best prices and excellent customer service. Feel free to contact the team with any questions from our contact page.

Garden Seed & Bulb FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about garden seeds and bulbs.

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What seeds can I plant in my garden?

You can plant plenty of vegetables, flowers and herbs straight into your garden. Some of the best, low-maintenance seeds you can plant in your garden include:

  • Marigolds
  • Nasturtiums
  • Sunflowers
  • Radishes
  • Sweet peas
  • Parsley

When should I plant bulbs in my garden?

When you plant bulbs in your garden depends on when they will bloom. You should plant spring-blooming bulbs, for example, in September or October, as this is when the soil temperature will have cooled. However, you should plant summer-blooming bulbs in the spring so they will not be victim to frost.

What bulbs can you leave in the ground all year?

Winter-hardy bulbs that bloom in the spring can be left in the ground all year round. These include bulbs like tulips, crocus, daffodils. Although most bulbs can be left in the ground all year, you shouldn’t leave summer bulbs, such as dahlias and calla lilies, in the ground, as they won’t survive.