Gazebo Canopies

Unfortunately, gazebo canopies don’t last forever. Whether you’re looking for a replacement for a damaged canopy or just fancy a change this summer, we have an excellent selection of gazebo canopies that you can choose from. Choosing gazebo canopy replacements is an amazing cost-effective trick to bring your gazebo back to life for fun summer days spent in shaded comfort.

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Ideal Replacement Canopies for Gazebos

Finding the right replacement canopies for gazebos can make a huge difference in refreshing your outdoor living space. Maybe your old canopy has seen better days, or your current canopy colour just doesn’t fit you and your garden anymore? Whatever the reason, you can find the best replacement gazebo canopies for your favourite gazebo with Sefton Meadows. All of our canopies are waterproof, durable and UV and weather resistant.

Available in a range of sizes to fit many standard gazebos and in an option of colours, you can expect quality with our gazebo canopies. We also offer optional outer nets with canopies for extra comfort and style in your gazebo. What’s more, our gazebo canopies are super easy to install. All you have to do is remove the old canopy and follow the provided installation instructions for an instantly upgraded gazebo. So, find the best replacement gazebo canopy for you with us!

Fix Up Your Gazebo Today with Our Gazebo Canopy Replacements

Finding the perfect gazebo canopy replacements can be tricky depending on your style and taste, but all of our gazebo canopies are guaranteed to fit any standard gazebo size. So, once you’ve found the perfect choice for you, you can place your order directly with us! With four different delivery choices available at checkout, you can have your gazebo fixed up in less than a week. So, get summer ready with Sefton Meadows!

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Gazebo Canopy FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about gazebo canopies.

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How do you replace a gazebo canopy?

Replacing a gazebo canopy isn’t too difficult. Simply remove anything fixing your existing canopy to the frame and take it down, give the frame a quick clean, and attach the new cover. This is a job for two people.

How to clean a gazebo canopy?

If your gazebo canopy has gotten a bit mucky, you can take it down and clean it with soapy water and a brush. You should clean it before it goes into storage for the winter.

How to put up a gazebo canopy?

Adding a canopy to a gazebo is easy – simply add it to the frame of the gazebo.

How to repair a torn gazebo canopy?

This depends how big the tear is. A smaller tear can be temporarily patched up with a waterproof tape. You can buy adhesive patches that are specifically to repair gazebo canopies. Cut the tear into a clean hold that is smaller than the patch, sanitize with rubbing alcohol, and leave to dry before applying the patch.