Wooden Benches

The warm tones and natural look of wooden benches complement any outdoor space. Inviting and durable, one of our wooden benches is sure to entice you into taking a moment to sit down every time you walk past. Our wooden benches are crafted from durable hardwood to weather many years of use, and will quickly become a firm favourite in your garden.

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Style Your Wooden Bench Seats

Wooden benches and wooden bench seats are a timeless addition to any garden, with natural colouring to match any design. Ergonomically designed to support their seaters, our collection of wooden garden benches work beautifully with gardens, patios and balconies to create a comfortable resting spot. Add some upholstered garden bench cushions for comfort you’re guaranteed to want to stay in!

We use only the best hardwood materials when crafting our wooden bench seats and benches, including teak, and we can guarantee that they are durable, long-lasting and weather resistant. Plus, no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll have the right style for you. From small wooden bench seats designed to fit in secluded spaces to larger wooden benches to take pride of place in your garden, you can create a beautiful seating area with us. Accessorise your new seating area with our optional range of garden tables and outdoor parasols to create the perfect outdoor hang out spot.

Hassle-Free Service on Our Solid Wooden Benches

Selecting and ordering from our range of solid wooden benches couldn’t be easier with Sefton Meadows. We offer a fast, hassle-free service, from the moment you place your order to the second it turns up on your doorstep. And at any time, you can contact our customer service through our live chat feature on our website, or by directly calling at 0800 157 7265. So, place your order for the perfect wooden bench today, and you could get free delivery to our store!

Wooden Benches FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about wooden benches.

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How to restore a wooden bench?

Restoring a wooden bench is sometimes possible, depending on how damaged or worn it is. These are the basic steps for getting a wooden bench looking like new:

  1. Make any repairs – if you have a snapped slat or broken leg, now is the time to repair it.
  2. Clean – give your wooden bench a good clean. Use a stiff brush to knock off dirt and debris and wash the bench down with a mild detergent and a soft cloth – washing up liquid and water will do the job.
  3. Sand – once the bench is bone dry, sand down any imperfections. Only do this if you are planning on oiling, varnishing, or painting the bench.
  4. Oil/Varnish – oil, varnish, or paint the bench with your products of choice.

Moving forwards, make sure to clean your wooden bench on a regular basis.

What paint to use on outdoor wooden bench?

Be careful when choosing the right kind of paint to decorate your wooden bench. If you choose the wrong type, it will flake and peel. Pick a purpose made exterior wood paint and apply several thin coats to the furniture, making sure it is primed before you go ahead.

Types of wooden benches?

There are dozens of types of wooden benches to choose from. This includes standard benches that come in variations of 2, 3, 4+ seats, and quirkier designs like companion benches, or love seats.