Parasol Bases

Welcome to our Parasol Bases category! Our selection includes a variety of styles, materials, and weights to suit any outdoor umbrella. From sleek and modern to classic and decorative, we have a base to match your aesthetic. Shop now to find the perfect base for your parasol.

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    Plastic Black 12L Square Water/Sand Parasol Base
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    Grey Concrete Outdoor Garden Parasol Base 15kg
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    25KG Square Granite Base For Garden Parasols 40x40cm
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Parasol Bases for Full Support

Nothing is better than relaxing in the garden on a sunny day, and a parasol is the perfect accompaniment to keep you and your family safe from the sunlight. But, to keep your parasol steady, you must pair it with the correct parasol base. Weighted bases for garden parasols will stop them from falling victim to extreme weathers and keep you and your family safe.

Our range of parasol bases will perfectly suit any needs, tastes and budgets. In stylish blacks and neutral colours with easy-to-use mechanisms, you won’t even notice your parasol base once it’s properly set up. Choose from a range of materials, including plastic and concrete, to properly weight down your parasol, and you’ll be sitting pretty underneath it all year round. Our plastic parasol bases are capable of holding anywhere between 12l and 15l of water or sand to keep your matching parasol in place.

All of our bases for garden parasols are simple to assemble and come with complete instructions to guide you through the process. And with easy adjusting mechanisms, you can use one of parasol bases alongside an outdoor table or as a stand-alone base.

Quality Service & Advice When Buying Garden Parasol Bases

If you would like buying advice or need more information regarding order and delivery with us, give us a call on 0800 157 7265 or email us at [email protected]. However, if you require advice sooner, you can check our delivery & returns page, our buyers guides, or reach us smoothly through our website’s live chat feature. Just look for the green circle in the corner of the page!

Garden Parasol Base FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about garden parasol bases.

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How heavy should my parasol base be?

To keep a parasol steady on the ground, the base must be weighted down enough to keep it there. The weight of a parasol base depends on the size of the parasol. As a rule, though, parasols with canopies of 3.5 – 4 metres will need a base of at least 50 kg. For parasols with 3 metre canopies, you’ll need a base of at least 40 kg, and 2.8 metre canopies need at least 30 kg in the base. Parasols smaller than these will need a base of at least 20 kg. However, if you need extra weight in your parasol base, you can add sandbags to weigh it down.

How to stop a parasol blowing away?

The best way to stop a parasol from blowing away is to find the right base. For a strong base that will stop your parasol blowing away, you’ll want to choose one that weighs at least fifty pounds and is tall enough to firmly grip the pole. However, if you’re setting up your parasol on the lawn, you can drive stakes into the ground to hold it up.

Do all parasol bases fit all parasols?

Unfortunately, parasols come in different sizes, so one parasol base may not fit all parasols. When purchasing a new parasol, it is best to invest in a base that will fit that particular model so you will not be disappointed.