Cantilever Parasols

A cantilever parasol is a fantastic investment as it provides adjustable shade on long, hot days. With an easy-to-use mechanism, you can tilt and lower our cantilever garden parasols so you can always keep your cool. Choose a cantilever parasol from Sefton Meadows, and you will have all the convenience of garden parasols, wherever you need it.

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  1. 2 x 3m Rectangular Parasol Hanging
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  2. 3m Shanghai Hanging Parasol
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  3. 3m Cantilevered Hanging Parasol with Crank
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Cantilever Umbrellas for Shade

Also known as a banana parasol, using cantilever parasols in your garden means you always get the right amount of shade, when and where you need it. These smart parasols include the option to bend and tilt the shade as well as adjust the height, and many come with a portable cantilever parasol base for the ultimate in portability and convenience.

Our range of cantilever garden parasols comes in a choice of stylish colours and is made from durable wood, or hardwearing metal, including aluminium. Pick the colour and style to match your outdoor furniture or sun lounger and create a lovely sunny holiday feel, in your own garden space.

We also have ‘night and day’ cantilever parasols which include cool LED lighting so you can carry on enjoying warm nights outdoors when the sun goes down.

Durable and Versatile Cantilever Garden Parasols

Versatile, durable and easy to use, a cantilever parasol ensures you get the right amount of shade throughout the day, wherever you need it. All our cantilever garden parasols are built to last and come in a choice of cool outdoor colours.

Order your new cantilever parasol before 12 pm today, and you can choose from our next day and priority delivery options.

Cantilever Parasol FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about cantilever parasols.

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How does a cantilever parasol work?

Unlike regular parasols, a cantilever parasol base sits at the side rather than the centre. This is to help the angled umbrella better shade the area you want to protect. Cantilever parasols have two poles – one which sticks in the base to hold it up and another that allows the vertical post to connect to the umbrella. Using this extra post, you can adjust cantilever parasols for protection from wind, rain and sun from all angles.

What is the difference between a cantilever and banana parasol?

Actually, there is no difference between a cantilever and banana parasol! Both of these styles of parasol umbrella work to protect you from the elements at all angles and are completely adjustable to allow for this. Usually, the names cantilever and banana can be used interchangeably.

What is a cantilever parasol?

A cantilever parasol is a fantastic alternative to regular parasols in outdoor spaces dedicated to socialising. Rather than having to look round interfering poles, the cantilever parasol stands to the side and stretches over the top of your socialising space with a vertical pole. This allows the cantilever parasol to cover you completely from all weathers.