Garden Pots & Planters

Our garden pots and planters are the dream of gardeners who have limited space. Our range includes the perfect size for those who have gardens from balcony size to stately home capacity! So, whether you’re looking to plant a few colourful flowers for summer or want to create a large planter feature, our growing collection of pots & planters has everything you’re looking for.

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    White Fibre Cement Pots With Acacia Legs Set Of Two
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    Fibre Cement Pots set of two Grey
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  3. Cement Terazzo Pots
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    Home Sweet Home Wall Planter
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Brighten Up Your Garden with These Outdoor Plant Pots

Make your favourite blooms the centre of attention no matter the size of your outdoor space with our selection of versatile garden pots and planters. With a vast collection of pot sizes and planter designs, we have a vast range of garden accessories to bring your garden space to life in the most beautiful way without any stress or high maintenance requirements.

We use only the highest-quality materials to create our garden pots and planters, so each is durable, stable and long lasting. With materials like ceramics, wood and resin, you can find the perfect look for your outdoor space. And we have the ideal pots & planters to fit your space no matter its size, from single planters and seed growing kits to extra large pots. What’s more, we also stock packs of garden pots and planters so you can group them together for maximum impact.

Talk To Our Customer Service Team About Our Outdoor Plant Pots Today

Here at Sefton Meadows, we pride ourselves on being a UK-based company with real people on hand to help you no matter what. So, get in touch with us! Whether you have a burning question about our gardening products or want more information about any of our furniture, you can reach one of our customer service team at or on 0800 157 7265. One of our helpful team members will be more than happy to help you.

Garden Pot and Planter FAQ's

See below answers to some common questions we get asked about garden pots and planters.

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What type of pots are best for outdoor plants?

Pots for outdoor plants must be durable and strong enough to withstand outdoor elements like fluctuating temperatures and weather. For strong pots to grow plants outdoors, we would recommend natural materials, such as terracotta or stone. These provide good drainage and an attractive appearance with strong resistance to exterior elements.

How to fill a planter pot?

Fill a planter pot with a mixture of light materials like natural fibres, and soil. What you fill it with will depend on the plant that will be living in the planter.

How to clean planter pots?

Clean planter pots by removing all soil and wiping dirt away with a damp cloth.